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First Lady Wedding Packages

From intimate elopements to wedding galas with 500 guests, Rosemont delivers the elegance you desire for your special day, at prices to fit every budget.

Northern Virginia Wedding Venue at Rosemont: The Bride

Be A First Lady
of Rosemont

A stately Virginia mansion just 45 minutes west of Dulles Airport, Historic Rosemont Manor has been a landmark in the Northern Virginia area since its construction in 1811.  Rosemont was later purchased by Virginia Governor and U.S. Senator Harry F. Byrd, Sr., and the estate became a haven for several U.S. Presidents and other historical figures who visited Rosemont as guests of the Byrd family.

You are invited to be a First Lady of Rosemont

After nearly 200 years as a private residence, Rosemont opened in 2010 as Northern Virginia’s premier wedding venue.  We invite you to become a First Lady of Rosemont and make this historic estate a part of your history.

If you are looking for a wedding venue that is rich in beautiful elegance and historic charm, you won’t find a more perfect location than Rosemont.  With 11 well-appointed suites and guest rooms in the manor, as well as guest cottages on the estate grounds, Rosemont can accommodate over 75 overnight guests for a “destination-style” wedding without ever really leaving home.

Imagine your wedding festivities, beginning with your rehearsal dinner beneath the tall, white columns of the Grand Portico.  The next morning, you can relax with friends and family before heading to the Rosemont studio for hair and make-up.  Once you’ve dressed in one of Rosemont’s elegant suites, you may choose to do a “First Look” with your groom by the gazebo.  Then it’s time to enjoy your beautiful ceremony on the East Lawn followed by a festive reception in the Carriage House.  When the night winds down, everyone has a comfortable room to stay in, and you can delay your goodbyes until the following morning!

Save 50% by looking outside the Beltway

Historic Rosemont is the perfect site for your dream wedding – at half the price of comparable premier venues in the DC-Metro area.  Whether you envision your wedding as an intimate gathering of your closest loved ones, a grand gala with hundreds of guests, or somewhere in between, Rosemont has a variety of wedding packages to choose from.

 Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be one of our First Ladies of Rosemont, and take advantage of our special limited time offers to hold your dream wedding at Historic Rosemont Manor at the most affordable prices available.

For more information or to arrange your visit to the former Virginia Governor’s mansion, please call us today at 703-TRY-LOVE (879-5683) or (202) 559-1851, or e-mail Rosemont at


All of the following First Lady Wedding Packages Include:

The Main Manor

                                                       Typical Use
Grand Portico Ceremony, Hors d’oeuvres Reception, Cocktail Hour, Rehearsal Dinner, Bar
Grand Foyer Ceremony back-up, Hors d’oeuvres Reception, Cocktail Hour
Nimitz Lounge Hors d’oeuvres Reception, Cocktail Hour, Bar
Rosemont Dining Room Rehearsal Dinner, Hors D’oeuvres Reception, Cocktail Hour, Breakfast 
Parlor and Sunroom Waiting Areas, Wedding Preparation, Dressing, Breakfast
First Floor Bathrooms (3)  

The Grounds

                                                                            Typical Use
East Lawn Ceremony, Cocktail Hour
South Lawn Ceremony, Lawn Games, Cocktail Hour, Tented Reception Area
Gazebo First Look, Ceremony
Carriage House Back-up for Ceremony, Hors d’oeuvres Reception, Cocktail Hour, Dinner, Dance, Bars
Garden Terrace Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, Hors D’oeuvres Reception, Dinner, Bar, Fire Pit
Studio Wedding Preparation (Hair & Make-up), Bridal Luncheon, Dressing, Child Care
Ceremony chairs Up to 200 complimentary white chairs for your ceremony

Rosemont Northern Virginia Wedding Logo

The Michelle Obama Wedding Package

Current First Lady Michelle Obama has been “breaking the mold” since the early years of her life, as the daughter of working-class parents on the south side of Chicago. Michelle’s drive, intelligence, and no-nonsense attitude enabled her to graduate from Princeton University and later Harvard Law School. As First Lady, her programs reflect her attention and concern for working-class America and the general welfare – causes such as support for military families, arts education in urban schools, and healthy diet and nutrition.

It is in this spirit that we name our newest Wedding Package after Mrs. Obama. Traditional weekend weddings packages with large numbers of guests (and a larger price tag) may be neither necessary nor desired for your special day. The Michelle Obama Wedding Package is a no-nonsense, economical choice for brides who seek the beauty and ambiance of Rosemont without the budget constraints of a larger, weekend wedding. This package is also perfect solution for “second-time around” brides or couples looking to do a vow renewal ceremony – allowing for a sweet, memorable experience without all the bells and whistles of a large wedding.

Basic Daytime Venues Monday through Friday (9 am to 3 pm)

Michelle Obama

Venue Price Range: $1,500-$3,500

(Depending on time of year and day of week)

Catering costs are additional. See Fine Cuisine for details.

Rosemont Northern Virginia Wedding Logo

The Lady Bird Johnson Wedding Package

Known for her love of nature and flowers blooming in spring, we’ve named our second wedding package after Lady Bird Johnson, First Lady and wife of President Lyndon Baines Johnson–a prominent guest at Rosemont.

Our most basic and affordable evening wedding package, the Lady Bird Johnson Wedding Weekend was created for brides who are planning a small, intimate, weekday evening celebration but still want limited use of the Rosemont Grounds.

Basic Evening Venues Monday through Thursday (4 pm to 10 pm)

Lady Bird Johnson

Venue Price Range: $2,500-$4,000

(Depending on time of year and day of week)

Catering costs are additional. See Fine Cuisine for details.

Rosemont Northern Virginia Wedding Logo

The Mamie Eisenhower Wedding Package

First Lady Mamie Eisenhower was a diminutive dynamo while in the White House. Though she stood only 5’1” tall, Mrs. Eisenhower was known for her ability to manage her large White House staff with a meticulous eye for perfection. She expected nothing less than excellence from those who assisted her in her duties, yet she was also known for developing warm and personal relationships with each person as an individual. It is in Mamie’s spirit — excellence with a personal touch — that we have named one of our most popular wedding packages after her.

Perfect for brides planning a more economical weekend wedding venue solution without compromising elegance and relaxation, the Mamie Eisenhower All-Day Sunday Wedding Package offers more than double the reservation time for the venue when compared to our first two packages. The Eisenhower Package allows the bride ample time before, during, and after the wedding for everything from decorating to visiting with family and friends without feeling rushed.  This option accommodates both large and small guest lists, and is designed for brides looking for the utmost in elegance, relaxation, flexibility, and affordability — all in a single day! For more details on our Eisenhower Sunday Weddings, please contact us today.

Extended All-Day Sunday Venue (9 am to 11 pm)

Like Mamie Eisenhower, Rosemont's Eisenhower package offers an elegant affordable wedding venue

Venue Price Range: $4,000-$7,000

(Depending on time of year)

Catering costs are additional. See Fine Cuisine for details.

Rosemont Northern Virginia Wedding Logo

The Pat Nixon Wedding Package

While in the White House, Pat Nixon enhanced the Executive Mansion with the acquisition of more than 600 historic artworks and heirloom furnishings–more than any other administration. Known for her strong work ethic, First Lady Nixon worked many part-time jobs to pay for her education–graduating cum laude from the University of Southern California with a Master’s degree.

In honor of First Lady Nixon’s tireless work ethic and exquisite taste, we’ve named one of our Weekend Wedding packages for her. Designed for brides planning a Friday evening wedding, all day accessibility gives the bride and her family all the time they need for set-up and preparation.  With the inclusion of ten overnight guest rooms in the manor that evening and breakfast the following morning for all overnight guests, the Pat Nixon All-Day Friday Package at Rosemont is one of our most sought-after wedding packages.

Extended All-Day Friday Venue with Overnight Accommodations

(9 am Friday to 11 am Saturday)

Pat Nixon

Extras Included in the Nixon Package

  • Up to 10 complimentary rooms (twenty overnight guests) for one night
  • Up to 20 complimentary breakfasts (twenty overnight guests) for one night

Venue Price Range: $6,000-$9,000

(Depending on time of year)

Catering costs are additional. See Fine Cuisine for details.

Rosemont Northern Virginia Wedding Logo

The Eleanor Roosevelt Wedding Package

Honored with the title ‘First Lady of the World’ as a tribute to her contributions to human rights, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt was recognized as one of the most-admired people of the 20th Century. Following the death of her husband, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt was appointed as a delegate to the U.N. General Assembly and chaired the committee which drafted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In honor of one of Rosemont’s most distinguished First Ladies, we’ve named one of our most elegant weekend wedding packages after First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. This dream wedding weekend package is custom-tailored for an elegant reception and dancing in the Carriage House or on the South Lawn (extra tenting may be required). Use of the mansion is included, with up to ten complimentary rooms and breakfast the following morning (suitable for 20 guests).

Extended All-Day Saturday Venue with Overnight Accommodations

(9 am Saturday to 11 am Sunday)

Eleanor Roosevelt

Extras Included in the Roosevelt Package

  • Up to 10 complimentary rooms (twenty overnight guests) for one night
  • Up to 20 complimentary breakfasts (twenty overnight guests) for one night

Venue Price Range: $9,000-$14,000

(Depending on time of year)

Catering costs are additional. See Fine Cuisine for details.

Rosemont Northern Virginia Wedding Logo

The Jacqueline Kennedy Wedding Weekend

The iconic wife of President John F. Kennedy, First Lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy was celebrated for her style and grace. Dismayed at the discovery that the White House had very few historically significant pieces of furniture or artwork, Jacqueline Kennedy led an ambitious initiative to restore the White House. In her tireless efforts to locate important items from American history, First Lady Kennedy sent handwritten notes to request the donation of items that were in private collections at the time.

To celebrate one of the most iconic visitors to Rosemont in the 20th century, we’ve created the most exquisite weekend wedding package available at the mansion in her honor. This destination weekend wedding venue package is by far the most popular of all our packages. Discerning brides who wish to experience the pinnacle of elegance and tradition that Rosemont can offer on their wedding day will enjoy use of the Manor House from the memorable Friday afternoon or early evening rehearsal dinner in the shade of the front portico to the complimentary breakfast on Sunday morning. With up to 200 complimentary white garden ceremony chairs and the option to secure additional seating for your ceremony, we can offer a seat to everyone on your guest list (up to 500) as they gather on the grounds of the mansion to celebrate your most special day.

This package includes ten complimentary guest rooms for both Friday and Saturday nights (suitable for 20 members of your wedding party) with a following-morning breakfast for all manor guests on both days.  As a special bonus to our most luxurious weekend wedding package,  a complimentary first-floor bridal suite is provided to the bridal party during their entire stay (breakfast included).

Luxury Full Weekend Venue with Overnight Accommodations

(4 pm Friday to 11 am Sunday)

Jacqueline Kennedy

Extras Included in the Kennedy Package

  • Up to 11 complimentary rooms (twenty two overnight guests) for two nights
  • Up to 22 complimentary breakfasts (for each morning) for two days
  • Complimentary First-Floor Bridal Suite (Roosevelt Suite)

Venue Price Range: $12,000-$20,000

(Depending on time of year)

Catering costs are additional. See Fine Cuisine for details.


First Lady

Time Duration Venue Hours 10 Rooms Included Breakfast Included Bridal Suite Package Price Range
Michelle Obama 6 hours  9am – 3pm       $1,500-$3,000
Monday thru Friday            
Lady Bird Johnson  6 hours 4pm – 10pm       $2,500-$4,000
Mon thru Thur            
Mamie Eisenhower 14 hours  9am – 11pm        $4,000-$7,000
All Day Sunday            
Pat Nixon 26 hours 9am Fri- 11am Sat Yes (1 Night) Yes   $6,000-$9,000
All Day Friday            
Eleanor Roosevelt  26 hours 9am Sat- 11am Sun  Yes (1 Night) Yes   $9,000-$14,000
All Day Saturday            
Jacqueline Kennedy 43 hours  4pm Fri- 11am Sun Yes (2 Nights)  Yes Yes $12,000-$20,000
All Weekend            
Family Wedding Package  4-7 hours Varies  Honeymoon Cottage Yes   Special Pricing
 (10 – 60 guests) Any Day            
Elopement Package  1-2 hours Varies  Honeymoon Cottage Yes   Special Pricing
(up to 10 guests) Any Day            

Catering costs are additional for all First Lady Wedding Packages. See Fine Cuisine for details.



Considering an Elopement? Remarriage, Vow Renewal, or Small Intimate Family Wedding?

Our very special Elopement Package is the perfect option for a ceremony just for the two of you, or with a small circle of loved ones.  This package is also a great choice for “second-time-around” weddings or couples wanting to renew their vows. You may find out more information on our Northern Virginia Elopement Package page.   If you need to go a little larger, and expect just your closest family and friends (less than 60 guests), we also have NEW options for small, intimate weddings with lots of great amenities included — and all at special pricing! Call 703-879-5683 to learn more about our small wedding packages.

Planning a large outdoor wedding?

Your Virginia wedding at the Historic Rosemont Mansion

Let Historic Rosemont Manor host your Northern VA Wedding

Guest counts for each package above can be adjusted to meet any size wedding. Capacity: 500 guests. Tenting recommended for large groups.

Our wedding dates are filling up quickly. Please do not delay in contacting us to secure your special day at Rosemont. For more information or to arrange your visit to Historic Rosemont Manor, please call us today at 703-TRY-LOVE (879-5683) or (202)559-1851 or e-mail Rosemont at

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